Stories From The Stage

Meet the actors, business people, educators, writers, directors, and musicians

Episode four's theme was "Stories From The Stage," where Milwaukee artists shared untold stories of the performing arts in Milwaukee. From a stolen Stradivarius to being dropped into a show with hours notice, these stories were quiet entertaining!

Season 2, Show 4 Guests included:

We'll also have a storytelling performance from Executive Director of Ex Fabula Megan McGee, and Chris Flieller.

Presented by UPAF and 88Nine RadioMilwaukee, MKE ARTS LIVE! is a series of four FREE variety shows featuring interviews, panel discussions, live performances, audience interaction, and shockingly candid behind-the-scenes perspectives. With local raconteur Adam Carr as your host and guide, you’ll meet actors, business people, educators, writers, directors, and musicians; you’ll get a glimpse of what they’re doing to keep world-class performing arts in Milwaukee; and you’ll walk away with an intimate understanding of why they’re doing it.