Love the place you live

Matt Daniels
Actor, director, teacher and ukulele player

When you grow up in Los Angeles, study theatre in New York at Juilliard and then head to Chicago, you start to have a good grasp on what big city life has to offer. So, what captivates you to move to Milwaukee and settle down? For Matt Daniels, it’s all about having a relationship with the place you love.

Matt is an actor, director, teacher and self-taught ukulele player. While living in Chicago, Matt would often travel to Milwaukee to work with Milwaukee Shakespeare. After a few years of flirting with the idea, he made the trek north with his wife and moved to the cream city.

“Once you’re part of this community, it can hold you up,” Matt said. On the day he moved to Milwaukee, “A horde of friends showed up to my house to help us move in. Even the neighbor came over and helped move boxes. The support you get in this community is incredible.”

He’s been steadily working in the Milwaukee theater scene for the better part of 10 years now as an actor, director and teacher with groups such as First Stage, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and Milwaukee Repertory Theater among others. Come see Matt perform live and witness first-hand his relationship with Milwaukee and the stage.