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Lonnie Collins Motion has had some tough breaks in his young life. But then he discovers a passion for writing poetry and expresses his feelings about the foster system, his friends and his unique perspective on the world––lyrically revealing one boy's journey of hope.

Blood at the Root

Three nooses hang from a Louisiana school's oak tree. As racial tensions grow, six students wrestle with injustice. These young people speak openly about the prejudices and fears that stand in their way and find the courage to seek solutions for a better life for all.

The Chinese Lady

In 1834, Afong Moy was brought from Beijing to America and put on display as the “Chinese Lady.” Inspired by the true story of America’s first female Chinese immigrant, playwright Lloyd Suh unearths hidden history and questions the way we look at ourselves and others.

Strange Snow

Both Megs and Davey are having trouble surviving back home after the war. While Megs bangs on his old buddy's door announcing the start of fishing season, Martha, his friend's older sister, opens the door – to a myriad of new possibilities.

Things I Know To Be True

Set over the course of a year, this innovative play provides a unique perspective on the struggles the four adult Price children face daily to establish their identities and deal with personal crises.

As You Like It

One of Shakespeare's greatest and most beloved comedies, filled with music, love, laughter and reminders of what is most important in this world.

Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven

Annie Jump,13-year-old science genius, meets Althea, an intergalactic supercomputer manifesting itself in the form of a mean girl. Althea’s here to help Annie take humanity to the stars, but what will Annie have to sacrifice to fulfill her destiny?

Rep Lab Short Play Festival

See it all—drama, comedy, and everything in between—in this one-of-a-kind theatergoing experience, featuring the talents of Milwaukee Rep’s Emerging Professional Residents.

How to Write a New Book for the Bible

Through flashbacks, time jumps, quirky humor and poignant realism, we meet four smart, passionate people, acutely aware of their family's everlasting connection. Cain asks the questions at the heart of every family: What will never change – and what has to – so we can love?

Every Brilliant Thing

A young boy attempts to ease his mother's depression by creating a list of all the best things in the world, like ice cream, Star Trek, surprises and rollercoasters. As the list grows, he learns the deep significance it has on his own life.

Ben Butler

Major General Benjamin Butler is in command of Fort Monroe during the Civil War. The law says Shepard Mallory, an escaped slave, must be returned to his owner. But Shepard makes quite the case for himself. This battle of wits for the soul of a nation defies simple characterization.

Two Trains Running

From Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson comes this masterpiece about everyday lives in the shadow of great events, and of unsung citizens who are anything but ordinary.

The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker explores the true story of Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller, the essence of dignity, hope, possibilities and what people can reach for and accomplished under the most adverse of conditions.