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Unscripted, unrehearsed, unapologetically unpolished

MKE Arts Live!
Radio Milwaukee & UPAF, hosted by Adam Carr

Come As You Are

MKE ARTS LIVE! is not about appearances. It’s not about flawless execution or “getting it right” (whatever “it” is). It’s about getting real, getting to the bottom of—and appreciating—how Milwaukee’s performing arts community consistently produces a wide range of stellar performers and performances while many similar-sized cities’ scenes are positively moribund.

Presented by UPAF and Radio Milwaukee, MKE ARTS LIVE! is a series of four variety shows featuring interviews, panel discussions, live performances, audience interaction, and shockingly candid behind-the-scenes perspectives. With local raconteur Adam Carr as your host and guide, you’ll meet actors, businesspeople, educators, writers, directors, and musicians. You’ll get a glimpse of what they’re doing to keep world-class performing arts in Milwaukee, and you’ll walk away with an intimate understanding of why they’re doing it.

If you’re already an MKE culture vulture, this is a no-brainer. If you’re as yet uninitiated, you’ll get an up-close look at what’s on offer, what tickles your fancy—and how lucky you are to live here.

Show dates and topics:

Cream City Mosaic

Monday, March 19, 6:30 p.m.

Celebrating the cultural richness of Milwaukee, as well as perspectives from folks who have moved here from other countries.

88Nine Radio Milwaukee Performance Space: 220 E. Pittsburgh Ave., Milwaukee 53204

Women of Impact

Monday, April 9, 6 p.m.

The positive impact women have had, not only on the stage and behind the curtain but in local business.

88Nine Radio Milwaukee Performance Space: 220 E. Pittsburgh Ave., Milwaukee 53204

The Future is Now

Monday, May 7, 6 p.m.

Featuring stories about the incredible talents of Milwaukee's youth both in the performing arts and beyond.

Milwaukee Youth Arts Center: Mainstage Hall: 325 W Walnut St., Milwaukee 53212

Stories From the Stage

Monday, June 11, 6 p.m.

NOT ghost stories, but the secret history of the performing arts in Milwaukee, how the theaters came to be, performances that almost didn't happen, surprise moments and more.

88Nine Radio Milwaukee Performance Space: 220 E. Pittsburgh Ave., Milwaukee 53204


No tickets or RVSP necessary. No dress code. No excuses. Just be there—and be ready for something you can only experience right here. Right now. In Milwaukee.

(Can’t make it in person? All events will be live streamed on the 88Nine Radio Milwaukee and UPAF Facebook pages.)